You’ll Have A Huge Impact With Limited Medical Knowledge

From the crew

December 7, 2016

“Jesus is the one who saves. I help prolong. Who ultimately determines the outcome – the Hand of God.”

Tracey White, who has a background in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), has been teaching in the Introduction to Primary Health Care course here at Port YWAM in Kona, Hawaii.

Born in Seattle, Washington, married to Pauly for past 47 years, father of 3 and grandfather of 10, Tracey has been using his expertise to train others in providing medical care to those in need.

He was a Senior EMS Instructor at the University of Washington and working with Firefighters for Christ when YWAM was looking for someone to run an Emergency Training School. The school is what we know as Introduction to Primary Health Care (IPHC).

IPHC is a great entry level course for anyone interested in primitive health care. It equips missionaries with the skills to provide and teach physical and spiritual wellness in places with little or no access to health care.

Tracey’s thoughts on anyone interested in doing IPHC: have compassion for helping people, a determination to commit to tons of reading and a willingness to share the love of God.

“If someone is interested, pray and pursue. You’ll have a huge impact with limited medical knowledge.”

Besides traveling and teaching his skills to students, Tracey is also involved with Living Free, a prayer ministry with Koreans and another ministry called Freedom River Outreach, which focuses on the inner city of Tacoma.

“I love both ministries and I enjoy sharing Christ with other people.”

Even though he has never been a full-time YWAMer, Tracey considers himself a tent maker, a paramedic with ministries in the church and in YWAM.

By Jaime Gomez

Port YWAM Kona Communications Staff

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