1. Communication is everything.

It is no surprise to find out living with a group of random strangers can be difficult or working in teams can be frustrating. You name the scenario; working with people can be difficult and requires communication always. People are widely diverse, harboring different opinions, practicing habits you are not accustomed to, operating on a different sleep schedule…I could go on. Whether it’s between roommates, co-leaders, teammates, friends, or family, communicating requires effort and intentionality. But on the other end, a beautiful gift called community emerges. Invest in communication, it’s worth it.

2. Worshipping Jesus is a privilege.

Religious freedom is not the reality for all. Some people live a life of survival, not knowing where their next meal or drink of water will come from. Others conceal their faith from family, government, or friends, enduring persecution if the truth is revealed. I like to think I’ve seen a lot. In reality, what I’ve experienced and seen is a minor percentage of what is out there in this world. One thing I’ve found to be absolutely true is Jesus. The freedom to love and worship God is a privilege that not everyone has access to. Don’t take it for granted.

3. Strangers become family.

DTS is life changing to say the least. You are immersed into different cultures, live with an absurd amount of people, travel across the world, and discover God in new radical ways. You do all this alongside strangers you met two weeks ago who, somehow, know everything about you. Vulnerability is required, laughter is guaranteed and maybe even a few tears but I promise you will come out with some lifelong, committed friendships you don’t know what you ever did without.

4. You can literally sleep anywhere.

On a roof in Haiti, a crowed bus winding through the mountains, a 16 hour plane ride, an airport floor, a cement balcony with a bat hanging above you; the possibilities are endless if you are tired. You may wake up with an aching back or be risen at 2:59AM every day by the neighboring rooster but at the end of it, you’ll come out with some memorable stories.

By Nikki Davidson
Port YWAM Kona Alumna

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