Bibles and Reading Glasses for Marshallese

From the crew

April 9, 2018

One great thing about using ships in ministry is the opportunity it provides to reach very isolated areas. Recently, I led a team to the Marshall Islands where we were able to partner with the Suderno family and sail to some of the most unreached people in the Ailinglaplap Atoll.

I talked to one man who said he had never seen a missionary on the island in his entire life.

One of our main goals while there was to deliver a bible in the Marshallese language to every household. To accomplish this we had to load bibles on the boat in Ebeye, the most populous island in the Marshall Islands, and transport them over to the other islands. We then hauled them to shore on a small dinghy and loaded up our backpacks so we could walk house to house for delivery.

It was so cool to see the response as we gave the bibles to the families. We told them about the story of Jesus that they would find in their bibles and were be able to pray for them. We truly were helping to end bible poverty and give people the means of understanding the Word in their own language.

It was a lot of work to hike around the island with heavy backpacks but the sense of accomplishment knowing we were making a difference that would impact eternity was so worth it.

Another thing we did was give out reading glasses to all those in need. It was really cool to see the response of those that couldn’t read actually be able to. We started them off by having them read verses in their new Marshallese bible.

A double blessing for some for sure!

I am so thankful for the opportunity this trip gave me. I was not only able to share my testimony and the gospel with the people we encountered but was able to give them the tools to discover Jesus in the Word for themselves. Truly a blessing for me and our team as well!

By Rob Hinz
YWAM Ships Kona Volunteer

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