One of our Discipleship Training School (DTS) outreach teams recently helped out one of our sister ministries, YWAM Cap-Haiti. Here’s a snapshot from their time there:

One of the team’s highlights was to distribute water filters.

They went to different houses, talked to people, and found out who did not have access to clean water. Many people have to buy water or walk far to get it from a well or the river. Their first mission was pretty good and the people were very happy about it.

The people in the village are so poor that they try everything to get something. In the end, they gave the remaining filters to one of the residents they knew who would distribute the filters to those who really needed it.

The team was able to help a 107-year-old man build a house. While many in his village live in houses, he lives in a tiny outhouse.

A lot of prayer had gone into this house and its components before the people found the time and the necessary money donated so the house was possible.

Through their efforts, many people from the village worked together and saw how teamwork could achieve a lot. They saw how God answered prayers.

Finally, the man has a roof over his head and some space to spread out.

The team was engaged in many different aspects of helping YWAM Cap-Haiti. They collected garbage, built benches for children’s services, and engaged with the children to show them how valuable they are.

They also prayed for people during their street missions as well as gave their testimonies and told Bible stories whenever an opportunity presented itself. For many people, it meant a lot that the team offered prayer at all.

The team wanted to bless the people around them who would benefit from it and show their neighbors how charity looks when practiced.

They wanted to tell people more about God, his love and his work. Many people chose God; many were moved by their testimonies and everyone learned something new.

Even if they didn’t always see the same result, the team knows God works. They know every prayer is heard.

YWAM Ships Kona’s Haiti DTS outreach team

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