Everywhere we looked, our eyes were met with the sight of mountains under wide open skies. We were in Tosontsengel, a small town in remote Mongolia. Behind us a river flowed, turning the dry countryside green.

Herdsmen working with horses, yaks, sheep, and goats shelter here in the harsher winter months. Many people live in yurts or gers – traditional mongolian tents. There are some houses too, and a few buildings three stories high. During warmer months, herdsmen and farmers return periodically for supplies, then head back to spend their days in the country. 

Our team had come to distribute bibles and tell people about Jesus. It was our first time, so we were excited, but also unsure of what to expect.

We nervously knocked on the door of a small, simple home. A woman answered and invited us in for milk tea. This form of hospitality is customary in Mongolia. We all sat down and drank tea with her and her son. The father was out in the countryside working.

As we enjoyed our tea, we began to share with them why we were there. We shared the gospel with them and the woman’s heart was moved as understanding came and she asked to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior. 

We gave some children’s bible materials to the boy, too, who was around eight or nine. I could tell God’s presence was touching him from the tears in his eyes even before we started talking to him. He also accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Then I began telling him how I was around his age when God met me. I told him how I felt alone and afraid and how God helped me and set me free. He started to cry even more. It was a good cry – tears from being moved by the presence of God. 

I continued to tell him that what he was feeling was the Holy Spirit and that the Spirit was here to help him, council him, and lead him into truth. 

We were speaking through a translator but I could tell that God was speaking to him beyond language. He was meeting this boy in a way that transcended language. The presence of God was so thick in the room that everyone was crying.

We left knowing that this mother and son had met Jesus and would be connected with the church in their village. They had Bibles of their own and future YWAM teams would follow up with them, too. Everyone had a sense that this was a holy moment and that God was doing the work. All we were doing was being obedient and sharing, giving space for the Holy Spirit to move.

Aaron Brogan
Outreach Training Coordinator, YWAM Ships Kona
Partnering with Bless Mongolia; to bring God’s word to the people of Mongolia by working with partners from around the world.

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