“I am so sorry Titus but we don’t have an eye specialist that can see you,” I said. 

I was registering patients at our clinic in Hako, a small coastal region in Papua New Guinea. Titus had come to our health clinic because we usually have an eye specialist, a medical service not available in his region. There are only a handful of eye specialists in Papua New Guinea, a country with over 300,000 people, so eye services are difficult to receive. 

Due to the isolated location of Hako, Titus would have great difficulty reaching one of these two eye specialists for treatment. He had what appeared to be cataracts, a common eye condition, among older people in Papua New Guinea, that causes blindness. 

Titus nodded, said he understood but would still see the primary care doctor. His registration number was a later one so I knew that he would be waiting for several hours before seeing our primary care doctor. Titus stood up and went to the shaded waiting area.

“Lord, I ask that you would bring healing and sight to this man. We don’t have the right specialist or tools right now, but you do, so please heal him,” I prayed silently. Then I went back to registering the long line of people.

As the hours passed, our team of Discipleship Training School (DTS) students began praying for the patients waiting to be seen. One particularly fervent prayer over a man’s eyes caught my ear.

“You say you can see a little bit better? I can see that the area around your eyes is lighter. Let’s keep praying and believing in faith that God is going to heal your eyes today,” the student said before launching into an impassioned plea to God. 

The prayers continued for a long time. I continued to take down names and register more patients.

Later, one of the students, Bailey McKay told me that after continuous prayer, Titus’s sight had been restored. Titus had said: “Praise God” and then went home. I believe God had healed Titus without our eye specialist.

Katie Wegner
YWAM Liberty crew member
YWAM Ships Kona

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