Cain and I have become chicken farmers… well, actually Cain’s family members have become chicken farmers. This idea came to Cain at the end of last year; that we would invest some of our very limited funds and take a small gamble buying chicks. 

We’d also purchase all the necessary supplies to raise them, which is basically lots of bags of chicken feed. His family would raise them, and then just 6 weeks later, each chick could be sold for someone’s dinner, or kaikai as the locals would say. We would then split the proceeds from the sale of the chickens with Cain’s family in return for their efforts.

At the time this plan was formulated, we had been a little short on the finances required to pay for both of our crew fees here on board the m/v YWAM Liberty. 

Everyone on board is a volunteer and doesn’t get paid for the daily work they do on the ship. With the money from the chickens, we would be able to pay for some of Cain’s crew fees on board and cover the small financial gap needed to make it each month.

What an idea from the Lord! Am I right?! 

The Lord blesses us with finances in different ways: at times, through the generosity of others who want to reach the isolated with medical care but at other times, through making use of the creative and thinking power of the minds He has given us and through our own hard work. 

He blessed Cain with this innovative idea for our provision, and He has blessed me with Cain, who gives 110% to everything he does. In November 2019, we sold our first batch of 52 chickens. 

We made the profit we were expecting except for 3 chickens. We cooked up our own kaikai, which meant full bellies, full hearts, and fuller pocketbooks for us and Cain’s extended family! Thank you , Lord, for Your provision that comes in so many different forms.

Sierra Cloer
Full-time volunteer nurse onboard the YWAM Liberty
YWAM Ships Kona
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