On my DTS outreach in Cambodia we visited a village a few times to share about Jesus with people. On our second visit we passed by the home of an elderly couple, probably in their eighties. They had heard the gospel before but had not received Jesus. The husband was paralyzed in half of his body, so he walked with difficulty. He was also blind.

On one visit, one of our team shared the gospel with them. This time they understood and responded, entering into new life in Christ. After praying with them, I felt an urge that we should also pray for healing, so I asked them if we could pray for them. They agreed.

We gently put our hands on them and began praying. We did not see anything change, but we told them that we had faith that God was going to bring healing to them and then we left.

The following week we were returning to the village and we met a team from Canada who were staying in the same place. They said to us, “do you remember a blind guy that you prayed for? Well, throughout this week, his eyesight has been improving more and more each day.”

We were on the other side of the village from their house and I did not know if I would be able to see them. When we had finished the day’s activities, we were walking in different groups when, all of a sudden, someone in another group said, “hey, he’s here!” I walked over to see him. He was behind his house, cutting firewood, and as I got there, he looked up. I could tell he could see me. 

He was so joyful and said thank you over and over again to us. When we left, he said, “bye, and if I don’t see you again in this life, I will see you in heaven.”

Andrew Lee
YWAM Ships Kona Alumni

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