DCIM101GOPROMarch 16, 2014

On route from Christmas Island to the Marshall Islands, a 17 day trip, the s/y HAWAII ALOHA diverted course for a day to stop off at Washington Island (1200 inhabitants).  It was a special stop for a special reason.  As they anchored and pushed into shore riding their zodiac inflatable Katie carried a tiny package in hand for a chief.

Katie and Scott Suderno with their two children Nick and Sydney met the chief and let him know that YWAM Ships had delivered him a hearing aid, just as he had asked for a few months earlier during their first outreach there in January.  He had completely lost hearing from one of his ears and almost all of it from the other ear as well.

Hearing Aid 1

People living here only get a few supply ships a year come by so imagine his surprise when one pulled in delivering just one package – all that way just for him!  No doubt that will be the talk around the dinner tables for sometime!

We count it such a privilege to surprise people with acts of compassion and mercy.  It creates wide open doors for conversations about why we do what we do.  Thank you to Dr. John Browne and Dr. Helen Hallenbeck for making this special gift possible.

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