Fundraising? No. I’m not gonna do it. I’ll just hope and pray that people will catch on to what I’m doing. I mean I’ll update facebook, send out blogs, maybe write a newsletter, and then see what happens. 

I know people are interested in what I’m doing so they’ll make a move. They’ll contact me. Why do I need to contact them directly? If they want to be a part of this, they’ll make an effort and say something, do something.

I’ll just wait for them to reach out to me and then I’ll update them on everything that is on my heart. Besides, I don’t want to bother them with the details right now.

What if it is a bother, me telling them what I’m about to embark on and asking them to help support me financially? It’ll probably be annoying to them. Why would I want to annoy anyone with my calling if they aren’t interested?

I’m also not a great speaker. I would probably fumble through my explanation. Plus, I don’t have all the details. What if I can’t answer something?

You know, I’ll just get all the money on my own, why should I ask people?

Where do I even start? I mean if someone did want to join me financially, how would I even do this? I feel so lost. It just seems so monumental and enormous. Why start something that I’m sure I’ll fail at?

So many questions.
Is this missions thing really worth it?

I hear your questions and concerns, and I know where you’re coming from. Deciding to step out into missions is a big deal, and asking people to support you financially can be daunting. The thing is, don’t get yourself down with the negative thoughts that come with asking people for money. 

Sure it feels awkward and your nerves can get the better of you, but when it boils down to it, you’re not meant to do missions alone. We, as a community, need each other.

I know what you’re thinking, “How do I ask and why can’t I just send out a big newsletter/update and let everyone know at once what I’m doing? Surely they will partner with me if I do that, right?”.

Some people might, but most, I’ve come to realize, want a connection, not just an update. Most want to hear directly from you. They want to sit with you and listen to what’s on your heart and it can be hard to communicate that on a piece of paper or through an email.

What I’ve discovered in fundraising is that when I do get partnerships with people for prayer support and financial support, then it’s not just me on this journey. I have a team; people I can rely on and who will be there for me when I feel lost and am troubled.

For people to take part in what I’m doing, they need to know me, my story, and what I stand for. Talking to someone will convey those things because they can see me, hear me and many times, they’ll partner with me even when I feel I’ve messed up in my “presentation”. It’s because it’s real, genuine and imperfect.

God doesn’t use extraordinary people for His purposes, He uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The same goes for partnering with people. God wants to use ordinary people from all walks of life to complete the Great Commission. Some will go and some will stay. All are important in His Kingdom.

The Bible references how many parts form one body. Each part is important for the whole thing to work. As followers of Christ, each of the roles He’s created are valid and necessary for us to function properly. 

Jesus came to serve and not be served. If what Philippians 2 from the Bible states is true, then how can I say that someone who goes on the mission field is more important than the one who doesn’t. In the same regard, the one donating the money is not more important than the one being sent out.

Don’t you see it? If we all do our part, then God is glorified and the body of Christ works in harmony for His purposes. When people come together, everything works in unity because our goal is the same

So when you’re thinking of what you are wanting to do and you are needing to ask someone to partner with you financially or prayerfully, remember that you are doing your part. If you are feeling to ask someone to support you but are afraid and might chicken out, remember that if you don’t ask them, then you might be taking away the blessing that God wanted them to give.

Did you know that when someone gives, God blesses them? It’s true. He never lets a blessing go to waste for the giver or the receiver.

Ask yourself: “What if they are wanting to give but are waiting for me to say something? What if they would help but figured my finances are taken care of?”

You’ll never know unless you ask. 

I know it might seem foreign but you aren’t asking alone. Even in the midst of this struggle, God is with you; whether you realize it or not, whether you feel it or not. The truth is, He’s there. 

He’s there when you call people, message them or see them face to face. Never doubt God’s plan for bringing people together for His purposes. If He’s called you to a place where you need to rely on Him to provide your funds, you better believe He’ll come through for you.

He’s done it many times before and He’ll continue to do so.

By Jaime Gomez
Port YWAM Kona Communications Staff


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