Thoughts and Questions before…

“This season I’m in is chaotic. 
My human eyes turn to day and see nothing but static. 

What if my Creator intentionally placed this static in my day. Could it be that the static is not hindering my vision, but in fact enhancing it? Naturally, we can get frustrated when things are unclear, but if everything was crystal clear, wouldn’t it become overwhelming? 

Maybe my Heavenly Father is only revealing certain things; 
so that I have nowhere to turn but to Him, 
and nowhere to place my trust but in Him.

Don’t let the static of your day overwhelm you. 
Take it as a blessing. The unclear can be frustrating at first but know that amongst it, He is holding onto you and holding on tight. Let the static settle in around you. 

We serve a God who is good, so trust that beyond the static is greatness. Today I am thankful for the static and I find peace in my static.”

Clarity after…

Every morning when you wake up, you have a choice. 

In fact, you have lots of choices. You can choose to be happy, you can choose what you’re going to eat for breakfast, you can choose to brush your teeth, you can choose to have a bad attitude about going to work. 

The possibilities are endless and there’s beauty in that if you choose to see it that way. The Lord has given you the freedom to choose how you live your life. 

Leave behind the fear of the unknown, the fear of finances, the fear of what others might think, and step into faith.

Why live a life in fear when you could live a life of faith and freedom? 
Have faith that your Heavenly Father, the Creator of the Universe, is holding you and protecting you. 

God has called you into great things, and the only thing that could stand in the way of that is YOU. Know that if you let Him, God wants to use what He has placed inside of you for something far greater than you can imagine.

By Malory Yonally
Port YWAM Kona Staff

To get clarity from the chaos, think about doing a DTS.
It’s a great way to get focused and get to know God more. 

We have DTS’s all year.
Think about it.

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