YWAM Ships Kona’s sister ministry, the UofN Poipet is always up for a challenge. However, at the beginning of the year, the staff had a time of prayer and felt they should pioneer a Bible Core Course (BCC) immediately after pioneering a Discipleship Training School. 

Even though this was a bit intimidating, they moved forward in an attempt to find an experienced BCC leader and Cambodian staff. After a few months, they came up with a grand total of ZERO experienced leaders or staff, at which point they began to doubt if they were really supposed to run this school or not. 

It was especially tough because there were over a dozen students committed to learning. So they took it back to the Lord and felt from Him that they should still run the school. 

Three of the UofN Poipet staff, who had taken the BCC at YWAM Ships Kona in Hawaii, made a decision to lead the school as a team. This would be far out of their comfort zone, as none of them had ever staffed before. 

That’s God for you, always stretching your comfort zone! 

God then proceeded to prepare an amazing group of students, teachers, and Cambodian staff. As soon as the school started, they had a Cambodian staff member join them who’d been studying the Bible the entire year up to this point. 

Incredible teachers traveled from all over the region to teach, one of whom has been teaching the Bible for decades!

They had 14 students, half international and half Khmer, who put in countless hours of studying God’s word and applying it to their lives. Every one of them has since graduated and are now much more rooted in a deep understanding of who God truly is.

After the staff said yes, after they drew a line in the sand, and after they committed to this BCC, God made everything else happen. The staff is so proud of their team and the students that came out of this school. 

God is doing amazing things in their lives and in all of Cambodia.

University of the Nations Poipet

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