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2017 Mar 09

Here at YWAM Ships Kona we have some incredibly exciting news! We can hardly believe what has been unfolding over the last few weeks. We are all pleased to announce that we have been gifted an amazing vessel to join our fleet of medical ships!

P&O Maritime reached out to our partner base YWAM Medical Ships Townsville and alerted them to the fact that the L’Astrolabe, a scientific research and supply vessel, was being retired.


The Townsville team met and secured the vessel, and in a beautiful act of generosity have gifted the L’Astrolabe to YWAM Ships Kona.

This vessel is 6 times the tonnage of the Pacific Link and has ample space on board for accommodation, container space, cargo capacity and medical supplies. The L’Astrolabe is currently valued at an estimated $11 million. It has been well cared for over the years and all of these things are great indicators of the quality of the vessel God has brought.

This will unlock so much potential for our shore teams as we continue to be committed to Papua New Guinea.

The ship has just returned from the South Pole and is currently docked in Tasmania, Australia. P&O will have their current crew depart Tasmania March 17th to reposition her to our partner base in YWAM Townsville.

Icebreaker l'Astrolabe

In order to cover the costs of repositioning the vessel to our partner base in YWAM Townsville and complete the transfer of the gift, we need to raise $300,000 USD. As of yesterday, $150,000 USD has been pledged towards this goal!

March 16th is the deadline for funding in order to acquire the vessel and see the repositioning take place. We need to raise the remaining portion within the next 7 days.

Would you consider partnering with us to begin the journey of bringing this ship to the shores of Papua New Guinea to serve the isolated?

Click on the link below to donate online. Join us in this miracle happening for Papua New Guinea!

By Port YWAM Kona Communications Staff

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